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Electronically Induced Phenomena: Low Temperature Aspects
Guest editors: P. Feulner and E.V. Savchenko

  P. Feulner E. Savchenko Download 33345 byte 
  Electronically induced phenomena: low temperature aspects (223-224)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  M. Bargheer and N. Schwentner Download 289014 byte Показати анотацію
  Particle transport phenomena in low temperature solids (225-236)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  A.M. Ratner Download 318922 byte Показати анотацію
  Coherent motion and anomalous transport properties of exciton and hole polarons with intrinsic vibrationa (237-249)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  D.G. Eshchenko, V.G. Storchak, J.H. Brewer, S.P. Cottrell and S.F.J. Cox Download 301662 byte Показати анотацію
  Excess electron transport in cryoobjects (250-262)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  M. Lastapis, D. Riedel, A. Mayne, K. Bobrov, and G. Dujardin Download 498281 byte Показати анотацію
  Low temperature electron transport on semiconductor surfaces (263-269)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  Andrew D. Bass and Leon Sanche* Download 1061986 byte Показати анотацію
  Reactions induced by low energy electrons in cryogenic films (270-285)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  N.S. Faradzhev, D.O. Kusmierek, B.V. Yakshinskiy, and T.E. Madey Download 1040189 byte Показати анотацію
  Effects of electron irradiation on structure and bonding of SF6 on Ru(0001) (286-295)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  J.T. Lau, H.-U. Ehrke, A. Achleitner, and W. Wurth Download 315822 byte Показати анотацію
  Soft landing of size selected clusters in rare gas matrices (296-304)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  Yuji Baba Download 548572 byte Показати анотацію
  Element-specific and site-specific ion desorption from adsorbed molecules by deep core-level photoexcitation at the K-edges (303-320)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  Kazuhiko Mase, Mitsuru Nagasono*, Shin-ichiro Tanaka**, Tetsuji Sekitani, and Shin-ichi Nagaoka Download 1547364 byte Показати анотацію
  Ion desorption from molecules condensed at low temperature: A study with electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy combined with synchrotron radiation (321-341)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  I. Arakawa, T. Adachi, T. Hirayama, and M. Sakurai Download 133058 byte Показати анотацію
  Absolute yields of the exciton induced desorption at the surface of solid rare gases (342-350)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  P. Wiethoff, B. Kassühlke, D. Menzel, and P. Feulner Download 728847 byte Показати анотацію
  Biexcitons in solid neon (351-355)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13

  E.V. Savchenko, A.N. Ogurtsov, and G. Zimmerer Download 112293 byte Показати анотацію
  Exciton-induced lattice defect formation (356-360)   Том 29, Випуск 3, 2003 13